Becoming a Redback... It's easier than getting into Harvard Law!
published on: April 10 2019

Fun Fact! 

The official RMIT mascot is the Redback Spider. 

"But we already knew that!" Oh you did? Well I bet you didn't know that hidden in the depths of RMIT are two mascots that we bring out on special occasions and being the sentient beings that they are, someone named them. 

Whilst I update you on Mannie and Quinn I want you to think about what an RMIT employee would name a gigantic spider... 


I gotta say, Quinn is loving women's footy. She is surrounded by an amazing and dedicated group of women, who play to win (and have fun).

The 2019 season has started, if you want to find out more, visit:

Consider this your official invite. If you can barely walk without tripping come along to the games and show your support anyway!


Hey! Why can’t you play basketball with pigs?

Because they hog the ball!

Mannie is embracing his Redbacks origin and decided to join the Basketball Team. He made a new friend and Quinn finally had the chance to release her basketball puns. 

Their head is definitely in the game but I wonder if their heart is in the song?

That's it from Mannie and Quinn today, they are too busy embracing their sporty sides! 

For more information on the sporting clubs available, please see: 

Also, in case you haven't already. Check out the IDS space in Building 12, Level 4 for the RMIT Sport Takeover. 


Oh by the way... Rupert and Ruby, that's their names.