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Meet the team: Jess

If you haven't yet met Jess in person then it's most likely because she's predominately based in our Bundoora Store...we do miss her presence in the city :'( 

Let's meet Jess!

What do you do here at the RMIT Store and how long have you worked here?

I’m a retail sales assistant at the RMIT Bundoora store, though I sometimes help out in the city. My main role here is looking after the store and making sure students can find whatever they’re after, whether that’s course equipment or a new jumper. I’ve been working at the store since the beginning of 2022.

What is your favourite thing you can buy at the store, and why?

I love our hoodies, especially the fairtrade black hoodie. It’s so comfortable that I’m constantly wearing it, even when I’m not at work! My partner stole mine so much that I had to buy him his own.

What’s your favourite coffee/ food shop here at RMIT and what is your go-to order?

I’ve got a caffeine problem, so if I’m not grabbing a red bull from the vending machines, I’m ordering a long macchiato and a ham and cheese croissant from Nibbles café, just across from the store.

Thanks so much Jess...we should also mention the outstanding GIF-game Jess has when replying to our emails and instant messages at work...she is very talented at selecting the right GIF to reply to us.


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