New In: Redbacks Line
published on: August 12 2019

At the monthly mascots meeting, Mannie and Quinn were talking to Rupert and Ruby about how daunting it is to be a mascot. Granted Rupert and Ruby represent the whole of RMIT, so their job is a little bigger. 

Anyway! The point was, Rupert and Ruby asked if we could get some cool Redbacks merch in to show some Redbacks community spirit. So we did. 

First up, we have Mannie, rocking the Redbacks Visor. Covering Mannie's face from the harsh lighting in the store is a full time job and the Visor does it well. Although I don't think that's how you wear that scarf Mannie... 

The Redbacks tee perfect for that transitional Melbourne weather and for when you feel the need to show off your socked hands. Wait... Socks don't go on your hands. 

Now that is how you wear a scarf! You show 'em Quinn! Keep warm at that Redbacks events with the Scarf and beanie. Who doesn't like a matching set?

Quinn is chillin' in the Redbacks Long Sleeve. Trying not to repeat Mannie's sock mistakes, but honestly Quinn? A sock over the shoulder isn't that much better! 

Remember to #RMITRedbacks your way through the Semester and stay tuned for more Redbacks Merch coming soon! 

Redbacks are coming to the Online Store Soon! For now, join the Redbacks community here:
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