Story Time: Student Collaborations
published on: September 30 2019

As our Campus Store Story told you, we are here for the students. That doesn't just mean we supply fashion savvy merch to you.  

We also love collaborating with the amazingly talented students that glide through the urban halls of RMIT. 

Starting with our original Student designed accessory, the scarf and beanie.

These beautiful Marino Wool items were some of the first items to be designed by a student and distributed in store and they have stayed popular ever since!  

Stay warm and colourful in these amazing pieces. 

Next up!

The Gorgeous Indigenous Designs that have been in store for 2019. Knit Scarves, Beanies, Hoodies, Tee's and Silk Scarves all showing off a form of Taylah Cole's beautiful design.


"The Emu tracks symbolise the journey students take in growth and education, and travel from their country and families to study and learn. The Manna Gum leaves are a reoccurring theme within RMIT and the Ngarara Willim logo, and represents Elders and ancestors."

Taylah's designs are thought provoking and emotional. Everything we want in a wonderful student collab. 

Finally! In what was perhaps our boldest collab yet. The RMIT Pixel Sunnies.

"The Pixel Sunglasses were designed by RMIT Product Design student Ryan Turss in 2017. These glasses were produced under ethical working standards, are 100% bio gradable and UVB and UBA resistant; easy on the eyes, earth and humans! Made from the highest quality m49 cellulose acetate which is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and renewable natural material that is the speciality of Italy’s Mazzucchelli. 100% bio gradable. " 

Personally, all I am hearing is sun-smart, stylish and environmentally friendly? What a win! 

The Campus Store is looking to collaborate with students more frequently, so keep an eye out for some more amazing pieces! 

For students, by students. 

Side note and fun fact: All our models are students.