The RMIT Store is owned by RMIT University and managed by Student Life as part of the Education portfolio.

The RMIT Store actively contributes to RMIT's vision of cultivating global citizens who are empowered to lead change. We accomplish this by not only providing a diverse range of products and services that enhance learning, but also by creating memorable experiences and promoting lifelong engagement within the university community. Our efforts extend further to advocating for ethical practices, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, aligning with our commitment to drive positive change and foster an environment of fairness and diversity.

Student designed

Day by Day Zine by Peach

Yinarr Ngaarr Tee

Designed by Lena-Jade Cochrane

Project Management students Augusta Howell, Max Bainger, Finlay Hand, and Fraser Hay, produced this tee as their capstone assignment. RMIT Store enabled the sales and donation profits to Sisters Inside organisation.

Our objective

The RMIT Store is dedicated to enriching the student experience within the university community by offering a diverse range of services.

Our primary focus is on providing official university apparel and merchandise that fosters a strong sense of identity, inclusivity, and connection among students.

We collaborate closely with departments and schools to create engaging in-store experiences that promote interaction and participation. Additionally, we supply essential uniforms and equipment necessary for students to excel in their studies while also promoting the development of unique RMIT brands through creative visual merchandising initiatives.

Furthermore, we are committed to educating and supporting students, departments, and schools in upholding the university's sustainability policies and promoting corporate social responsibility.