Social Compliance

In 2019, the RMIT Store began a transformative journey, with support from the RMIT Sustainability team, to review all suppliers and identify potential risks across our supply chain.

Our Journey

The Ethical Sourcing Agency

The Ethical Sourcing Agency provided consulting services back in 2019 which guided efforts to becoming corporately and socially responsible. As a result, we have significantly improved our purchasing and manufacturing practices to support social compliance, with a heightened awareness of ethical considerations.

Below are just a few ways we're working to mitigate associated risks and constantly striving to operate sustainably in our community.

  • We conduct an annual review of our supply chain, requiring traceability of all vendors involved in the production and procurement process.
  • We have implemented a rigorous audit process that includes documenting corrective action plans.
  • We work with vendors to reduce unnecessary packaging and provide environmentally friendly alternatives whenever possible.
  • We choose carbon-neutral or low-CO2 services whenever possible.
  • We prioritise manufacturing locally or within Australia whenever feasible.

The RMIT Store acknowledges that we are constantly learning about the optimal approach to our ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities as a business.

We eagerly anticipate the day when this becomes the norm across all industries.