Its Almost Mid-Semester Break and Mannie and Quinn are tired.
published on: April 17 2019

It's week 7. We've all worked hard. Well maybe not all of us (you know who you are). 

But Mid Semester Break is upon us! Starting Friday, Mannie and Quinn are taking a break from all their try-outs and taking a break.

Quinn decided to try surfing, she's all about riding that wave to shore. Except for the times she falls off, but we don't talk about that. 


Calabunga dudes! 

Mannie... Mannie has decided to just take some time out. He is chucking on a 1/2 puffer, curling up and binge watching every Marvel Film in prep for Endgame. Although his lack of snacks is a bit disappointing. 

Mannie will be MIA until Monday 29 April... We may need to wash the Jacket at some point. 

Mannie, Quinn and everyone at the Campus Store wishes you all a lovely Mid-Sem Break. Stay Safe, Be Merry and we look forward to seeing everyone back in Week 8. 


Starting in May. Get Ready to meet the Staff at the Campus Store. (We are a riot).