Mannie and Quinn are studying from home
published on: March 30 2020

This is uncharted territory for the world and for a lot of people, it is a scary time. 

So Mannie and Quinn are here to, hopefully, put a little bounce in your step this week and provide some tips they've found handy while studying/working from home. 

Step one: Work Stations

It is important to separate work/study time and you time. Now I know what you are going to say... 

"But I always write my essays on my bed while I eat my feelings? What different does it make now?" 

The difference is you are spending so much time in your home nowadays, that you need that distinction between work and sleep. So set up a work station that you go to every morning, or afternoon or evening (whatever works) and GET. THAT. WORK. DONE. 

Step two: Social connection

Now we know we are supposed to be socially distancing ourselves right now, Mannie and Quinn have also found that being confined to one space for most of the day can be rather isolating. 

They recommend setting up some facetimes/zooms/teams/skype/messenger chats with friends and family and stay as connected as you can. Have study sessions, work debriefs, team meetings. Whatever works for you in the situation you are in. 

Step three: Get Involved

What? You thought because physical campus' are closed Student Life are just going to stop? No no. 

Heres what's up: 

  • Get Redbacktive on the @rmitsport Instagram, an amazing way to break up the monotony of the day and stay healthy and active. 
  • Follow @rmitdance on Le Insta and get involved in some online dance classes! I wanna see some of the moves you learn. 
  • RMIT Creative are offering online acting classes for anyone who wants to train that dramatic flair! Just check out the gram for the link. 
  • RMIT Campus Store will be updating these here blogs every fortnight in 2020 so keep reading! 

Okay that's about as many variations of 'Instagram' I can come up with, so I will leave it here for today. 

Note: At the end of (maybe) every blog this year, we will be posting a 'brain break', riddle or some other fun thing. You know, for that entertainment value.

What better time to start than right now:

Brain Break - I call this 'opposite sides' (I kid. That's what the Internet called it). 

Time to stand up and blink with the right eye while snapping the fingers of your left hand. Repeat this with the left eye and right hand. Do this for three minutes, shake off that extra energy and then get back to the task at hand.

Bye for now, not forever.