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Mannie and Quinn - In it to win it.

It's all about Sporting Clubs in the Campus Store. Check out how Mannie and Quinn are getting involved.

All Mannie and Quinn have been talking about is how much they want to join the RMIT Clubs! 

So it’s a good thing they get to try some of them out for the next two weeks.

With Mid-Semester break coming up, Quinn wants nothing more than to procrastinate the day away in the outdoors club. Bushwalking, Caving, Kayaking and so much more. Quinn is ready for anything. 

Mannie on the other hand, is looking to bat away some stress on the Tennis court. He can't wait to hit the court, as opposed to hitting the laptop... 


 Throughout this week and next, stay tuned to see what Mannie and Quinn are trying next! 

Keep an eye out on the IDS space in Building 12 for a sport takeover from April 8 - 18. 
For more information on the RMIT Sport Clubs, visit: 


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