Mannie and Quinn stopped watering our plants.
published on: June 15 2020

These Iso times are tough, we get it.  

Do you know who really gets it? Mannie and Quinn. Isolating in the Campus Store is fine until the lights go out and we don’t trust Mannie and Quinn with the pin code to our storeroom, so they just hang out in the dark until we show up on Fridays 

They are up to their standard hijinks’ though, see below.  

Mannie said they would look after our plants. Do you see those crisp leaves? Because I do.     


Mannie and Quinn lowkey ignoring me because I left them alone.  


Quinn staring forlornly out the window, waiting for labs to return 


These are some intense times and while restrictions are lifting, and we see a little light breaking through the clouds we hope everyone is still staying safe.  


Remember, we are operating online! So shop, shop, shop away.  

We can’t wait to see you in real life sometime soon.